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西班牙攝影師Fosi Vegue(1976-)為性、觀看與權力帶來了衝擊的話題。在性工作者與她們的客戶進行交易的房間內院裡,Vegue在對面撞見了那些不該被看見的場景,透過窺視般的影像進行了一場關於性、道德與體制的辨證。他認為,性交易和情色內容等議題只有在體制下、或為體制效力的社會中才會成為問題,若沒有法律的框架去規範出公共場合中可見或不可見的界線,這些議題便不會存在,然而在現今脈絡之中,性已成為了一種控制機制。


An inner courtyard faces a row of rooms where prostitutes take their clients. Out of view at an opposite window, Fos Vegue(1976-) witnesses what should remain unseen. Issues such as prostitution or pornography only become problematic when the system, or a society at the service of that system, deem them to be so. Nor would they exist in the absence of a legal framework that lays down the limits of what can and cannot be seen in public. In this context, sex becomes a control mechanism.

While most cameras today strive to erase any trace of digital noise, here it is exploited to the maximum effect. The exaggerated sensitivity used to cut out the subject also blurs and alters the message. This overpowering noise is our own subconscious, the mental sphere were sex operates as a catalyst for our instinct, our desire and our contradictions.

《XY XX》 | Fosi Vegue | Dalpine出版 | 2014年 | 平裝 | 24 x 16 cm | 108頁

XY XX | by Fosi Vegue | Dalpine | 2014 | papercover | 24 x 16 cm | 108 pages

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Image of Fosi Vegue《XY XX》 Image of Fosi Vegue《XY XX》