Arthur Mole《Living Photographs》

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1917年,隨著美國加入第一次世界大戰,攝影師阿圖.摩爾(Arthur Mole)創造出一種新形態的圖像來宣傳美國國族主義。在同事約翰.湯瑪斯(John D. Thomas)的幫助下,摩爾拍攝由幾千名軍人站立排列出的特定圖樣。這些圖樣是美國社會的幾個象徵:包括盾牌形狀的美國國旗、海軍徽章、自由女神像以及美國前總統伍德羅.威爾遜(Woodrow Wilson)的肖像等,摩爾稱這些收錄在書中的前衛宣傳影像為「活生生的照片」(living photographs),儘管乍看之下個體都消失在人群之中。本書還包括了一個章節是這些照片的局部細節放大,觀看尺度的重新調整使得原本的照片變得抽象,邀請讀者一同重新詮釋摩爾的作品。書末收錄一篇由Louis Kaplan撰寫的評論文章〈Photographic Patriotism: Arthur Mole’s Living Photographs〉。


In 1917 as the United States were entering World War I, the English photographer, Arthur Mole (1889-1983) created a new type of iconography in service of the promotion of American nationalism. With the help of his colleague, John D. Thomas, he created sprawling photographic compositions made up by arranging thousands of men into particular shapes on the ground. These compositions represent symbols of American society, including the American flag in the shape of a shield, the emblem of the Marines, the Statue of Liberty and a profile portrait of Woodrow Wilson, among others. The book brings together these avant-garde propaganda photographs, which Mole called “living photographs” despite the individual being rendered invisible in favour of the crowd.The book also contains a section which showcases a series of details reframed and enlarged from within the original photographs. By modifying the scale of the photographed bodies, which at times renders results almost abstract, these fragments invite the reader to reinterpret Mole’s photographs. The book is also accompanied by Louis Kaplan’s essay titled “Photographic Patriotism: Arthur Mole’s Living Photographs”.

《Living Photographs》| Arthur Mole | RVB BOOKS出版 | 2015年 | 128頁 | 平裝 | 24 x 33 cm | 英文

Living Photographs | by Arthur Mole | published by RVB BOOKS | 2015 | 128 pages | Paperback | 24 x 33 cm | English

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Image of Arthur Mole《Living Photographs》 Image of Arthur Mole《Living Photographs》