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SHOUT is a special issue series published by Voices of Photography with no stylistic limitations. This issue showcases work by four young Taiwanese artists —— Etang Chen, Yo Yang, teikoukei and Hui-Hsin Chang. Their repertoire of photography presents readers with a collage of spontaneously accumulated and detachable images, open to the readers' own deconstruction, assembly, response, grouping and remaking, allowing a never-ending process of collapse, linking and spreading the relationship between vision and the consciousness...

《SHOUT II》 | 影言社出版 | 2016年 | 52張影像與4篇文字 | 多種封面 | 14.8 x 21cm,展開後有多種大小 | 中文 & 英文 | 限量1000冊

SHOUT II | Published by VOP | 2016 | 52 images and 4 essays | Various covers | 14.8x21 cm, photo sizes vary when unfolded | Chinese & English | Limited edition of 1000 copies

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Image of SHOUT特輯 II Image of SHOUT特輯 II Image of SHOUT特輯 II Image of SHOUT特輯 II