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《DARK CITIES》三部曲內含三本攝影書,是有建築師身份的新加坡攝影師Shyue Woon對新加坡、東京及首爾三個大都會邊緣空間的重新想像。一部曲《CARPARK》探索新加坡一棟晦暗立體停車場的夜間曲徑;二部曲《CAPSULE》想像透過建築師的雙眼,重返1970年代一座建於東京銀座的未來派膠囊塔樓;三部曲《EULJIRO》猶如一本拾獲的日記,記錄了首爾市曾經象徵國家現代化、而今已逐漸沒落的市區。

DARK CITIES Trilogy, inaugural winner of the FIRST DRAFT Award by THEBOOKSHOW, is a series of three books of photographs re-imagining fringe spaces in the metropoles of Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul. CARPARK, first in the series, investigates the nocturnal meanderings of a dark multi-storey carpark in Singapore. CAPSULE, the second book, revisits a futuristic tower in Ginza built in the 1970s, through the imagined eyes and mind of its architect. The third book EULJIRO is a lost and found diary of a fading iconic Seoul district, once a symbol of the country’s modernization.

《DARK CITIES》 | Shyue Woon | 與IPA合作出版 | 2018初版 | 96 + 96 + 100 頁 | 精裝附書盒 | 15 x 21.3 cm | 英文、日文、韓文

DARK CITIES | by Shyue Woon | co-published by IPA | 2018 | First edition | 96 + 96 + 100 pages | Hardcovers in a thin cardboard folder | 15 x 21.3 cm | English & Japanese & Koearn

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